D*cked Down by the Duke: “A Castle for Christmas”

Hi Smooches! Dickcember continues with our recap of “A Castle for Christmas,” and Mr. Meg is back to chat about the Netflix film. Did this enemies to lovers tale get us all in our kilt feelings? Spoilers ahead! You can visit us at www.makeoutalreadypod.com. You can also follow us on Instagram @makeoutalreadypod and on Twitter @makeout_already,…More

D*ckcember Greetings: “Window Shopping” by Tessa Bailey with Andie J. Christopher!

Hi friends! On this episode, we’re recapping “Window Shopping” by Tessa Bailey, with special guest Andie J. Christopher. We talk to her about the inspiration behind her life-changing priest rom-com, the USA Today Bestseller “Hot Under His Collar,” and her upcoming project “Thank You, Next.” Then we get into the heartwarming and undie-incinerating “Window Shopping.”…More

Matchmaking Via Nepotism: “Heartbeat Braves” by Pamela Sanderson

Hi friends! On this episode, we recap “Heartbeat Braves” by Pamela Sanderson. Our heroine is a no-nonsense professional who works at a community center serving the indigenous community. Her job is stressful enough without having to hand-hold the board’s nepotism hire. And even worse, he is super cute. This book highlighted the glaring gaps in…More

Le Jambon de L’ètranger: “Just My Luck”

Hi Smooches! On this episode, we are throwing it back to my senior year of high school to recap “Just My Luck,” a magical-ish rom-com starring Lindsay Lohan and our most neglected but still beloved Chris, Chris Pine. Stick around until the end, when we have our most ridiculous divination session ever using a mix…More

A Shark Coochie Board of Recs

Hi friends! On this episode, we catch up about what we’ve been reading and watching separately from each other. There are hot priests, death gods, murder podcasters fictional and factual, and more. Spoilers ahead! You can visit us at http://www.makeoutalreadypod.com. You can also follow us on Instagram @makeoutalreadypod and on Twitter @makeout_already, or email us…More