XOXO, Lady Whistledown: Bridgerton on Netflix

Summary On this episode of Make Out Already, we discuss the Netflix original series “Bridgerton,” based on the book series by Julia Quinn. We discuss how trash the Regency was; air grievances about how the show did a disservice to its stellar diverse casting; discuss the big reveal of the ton’s Gossip Girl; and wonder…More

A Bite of Bizcocho Dominicano: Mangos and Mistletoe by Adriana Herrera

Summary On this episode, we recap and review Mangos and Mistletoe by Adriana Herrera. We talk about why this was a more satisfying queer holiday romance than the film Happiest Season, the novella’s thoughtful portrayal of Dominican culture, and all the delicious moments — pastry-related or otherwise. Make sure to follow us on Instagram @makeoutalreadypod…More

The Big, Gay, Tropical, Royal Triplet Holiday Movie Marathon Episode!

Summary On this episode of Make Out Already, we recap three Christmas movies: “Happiest Season,” on Hulu and “The Princess Switch: Switched Again” and “Operation Christmas Drop” on Netflix. We discuss the women who could run us over with their cars, which hero is the least bland, and our pitches for the sequels.More

Just Add Two Hemsworths: “The Unhoneymooners” by Christina Lauren

Summary On this episode, we discuss The Unhoneymooners by Christina Lauren. This book gave us much needed serotonin during the election-quarantine conjunction apocalypse. Meg goes hard on the fan cast, Liz gives the most rambling synopsis of her career, and both of us are very confused about why everyone is a dick to the heroine.…More

Hang On, Spidermonkey: A Twilight Retrospective

Summary On this episode of Make Out Already, we take a trip down memory lane to revisit the Twilight Saga. How did we first encounter the series? Is it as baffling and problematic as we remember? (Spoiler alert: It is.) What holds up, and who would we cast in a reboot? Plus, Meg torments herself…More

Modern Storytelling: Discussing ConSensual Pod’s “Ten Week Turnabout”

Summary Hi friends! On this episode of Make Out Already, we discuss ConSensual Pod’s first season, “Ten Week Turnabout.” We talk about the experimental, immersive storytelling of the episodic romance novel, and pull some tarot cards for our hero and heroine. A few things we mention in the episode: 1. Follow @uppercaseya on Instagram. We…More

Never Have I Ever Been (That) Horny on Main

Summary On this episode of Make Out Already, we recap the Netflix original series Never Have I Ever, in honor of the show’s renewal for a second season. We phone a friend for the entire episode — Molly, who introduced us to the show. We talk about normalizing female rage and horniness; flawed love interests;…More