The Viscount Who Disintegrated My Panties: “Bridgerton” Season 2 with Deanna!

Dearest gentle Smooches! The ladies Meghan, Elizabeth and Deanna have descended upon the ton to discuss the scandals of season 2 of Bridgerton. Where to find us Website: Instagram: Twitter: TikTok: Merch: Simone Ashley corset discomfort “Bridgerton” costume analysis Season 1 Season 2 Nisha Sharma’s excellent commentary on the bee sting scene:

Rom-Com When?! with Courtney Clark Michaels

Hi Smooches! On this episode, author Courtney Clark Michaels talks to us across many time zones about her “Pacific Passions” series. Then we all put our beautiful, smutty brains to work dreaming up rom com plots with pairings so good, we fully expect to get hired to write these screenplays. Netflix, you want to turn…More

The Yassification of Blackbeard: “Our Flag Means Death” with Ruth Hanson

Hi Smooches! On this episode, Ruth Hanson, author of “The Railwalkers,” joins us to recap the HBO Max original “Our Flag Means Death.” She schools us on the Golden Age of Piracy and hidden queer history, while we squeal about leather daddy Blackbeard and getting to see an actual queer storyline centered. Where to find…More

Romancing the Himbo: “The Lost City” with RM Virtues!

Hi Smooches! The wonderful RM Virtues stopped by again, this time to recap the new Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum action rom com “The Lost City.” Grab your neck pillow, put on your sequin jumpsuit, and make sure to pack some emergency cheese. Spoilers ahead! Where to find us Website: Instagram: Twitter:…More

Becoming the Main Character of Your Life, with Madeline Thatcher

Hi Smooches! We have a very cool guest on the podcast today. We spoke with Madeline Thatcher, who is @missmadiejean on TikTok. After the success of documenting her “Summer of Joy,” Madie has a new challenge for herself, and she’s taking us along. Madie wants to become the main character of her story. And she’s…More

Delightful A$$hole: “All the Feels” by Olivia Dade minisode!

Hi Smooches! On this mini episode, Meg drones endlessly about how much she loooves “All the Feels” by Olivia Dade, the second book in her Spoiler Alert series. Gushing and spoilers ahead. Follow us on Instagram @makeoutalreadypod and on Twitter @makeout_already. You can also get in touch with us at and on our website,…More

Fan Behavior: “Spoiler Alert” by Olivia Dade

Hi Smooches! On this episode, we recap a romance that’s straight out of the AO3 girlies’ wildest dreams. We’re discussing “Spoiler Alert” by Olivia Dade. We were hooked by the art-imitates-life premise and the high stakes of secret identities upon secret identities. Ahem, spoilers ahead. Follow us on Instagram @makeoutalreadypod and on Twitter @makeout_already. You…More

Caked Up: “Battle Royal” by Lucy Parker

Hey, cupcake! On this episode, we’re recapping “Battle Royal” by Lucy Parker. It’s a seven-tier wedding cake filled with royal scandal, iced with friendly and unfriendly competition, and sprinkled with some sexual tension glitter. This is the most dramatic cozy baking book we’ve ever encountered. Spoilers ahead! Make sure you follow us on Instagram @makeoutalreadypod…More

Witchy Dream Girl Minisode: “Payback’s A Witch” by Lana Harper

Hi Smooches! Happy day after Valentine’s Day. We hope you indulged in your version of the perfect day. On this minisode, I’m introducing Meg to my literary girlfriend. In doing so, I’ll give major spoilers for Payback’s A Witch by Lana Harper. Make sure you follow us on Instagram @makeoutalreadypod and on Twitter @makeout_already. You…More