Cocktails, But Hold the Tails: “Begin Again, Again” by Eve Dangerfield

Hi friends! On this episode, we discuss “Begin Again, Again” by Eve Dangerfield. This is the first book we’ve recapped that explicitly exists in a post (or let’s be honest, during) COVID world. The pandemic looms pretty large over this story of a recently sober former podcaster who falls for a onetime professional athlete. And…More

She’ll Put A Spell on You: “The Love Witch” with Deanna

Hi beautiful, beautiful smooches. On this episode, Deanna and I recap the 2016 movie “The Love Witch” as we continue to celebrate spooky season. If you haven’t seen the film itself, you’ve probably seen tons of stills and clips from it. So buckle up in your retro getaway car and make sure your wig is…More

Midnight Margaritas All Around! “Practical Magic” with Sarah

Hi friends! It’s officially spooky season. On this episode, we sit down with our dear friend Sarah to talk about the 90s classic “Practical Magic.” Can you believe I’d never seen it? We talk about the iconic quotes and fashions, the plot holes, and how hot Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman were and continue to…More

From Simu to Simulation Theory: “Shang-Chi” and “Free Guy”

Hi Smooches! On this short and sweet episode, we’re chatting about our triumphant, fully vaxxed and masked return to the theater. We spend most of the episode talking about the masterpiece that is “Shang-Chi.” We try to keep any spoilers mild as we swoon about the cast, the clothes and the visuals, but honestly, just…More

Top 5 Worst and Best On-Screen Love Interests with Deanna!

Hi friends! On this episode, Liz is joined by Deanna to talk about our top 5 best and worst on-screen love interests. This was such a fun episode. We have some major throwbacks on our list, which means we have certainly misremembered major plot points. But that’s fine, because our opinions are 100 percent correct.…More

Gods Gone Wild: “Loki” and Our Love of Taboo

Hi friends! On this episode, we are burdened with the glorious purpose of discussing the MCU series Loki on Disney+. We talk about the ships and representation (or lack thereof) on the show, and use it as a springboard to talk about taboo in romance, with some more colorful Norse mythology thrown in. As we…More

Descending to the Throne: “Neon Gods” by Katee Robert

Hi friends! On this episode of Make Out Already, we’re descending into the Underworld and sliding right into daddy Hades’s lap. We’re recapping “Neon Gods” by Katee Robert, the first in the Dark Olympus series of spicy, contemporary retellings of Greek myths. We talk a little about Robert’s Wicked Villains series, which is in the…More