American Horror Story: “Don’t Worry Darling” Analysis

Hi Smooches! We’re back and we’re kicking off spooky season with an in-depth analysis of “Don’t Worry Darling.” We go to some dark corners of the Internet to learn about cultural themes we spotted in the movie, including alpha males and tradwives. We discuss the successes and failures of the movie in getting its message across, and conclude that the movie isn’t as bad as the media hoopla made it out to be, but isn’t as clever as it thinks it was. Spoilers ahead!

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Preorder “How That Makes You Feel” by Elle Diaz

Media explaining terrible men

Joe Rogan

Andrew Tate

Jordan Peterson

Justin Baldoni’s take on misogynist podcasters


Here is my response to some of the garbage I’ve been hearing from other men with podcasts (whom I will not name). It hurts my heart to see so much anger and hatred towards women and other men. It’s all misplaced. And that’s all I have to say about that 😜 Oh, and just in case you need a reminder today…YOU. ARE. ENOUGH! mmasculinitymmanenoughi#insecurity

♬ IMPERIAL PIANO – Treia Music

Sex scenes in movie make no sense

White feminism

How the movie fails to sell that the wives are oppressed

Unanswered questions

Original script

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