Shadow and Bone Me All Over Again – With Sarah!

Hi Smooches! This is Meg, and I am continuing my solo hosting stint while Liz is on maternity leave with a special guest-visit from Sarah! You might recognize her from our episode on the amazing movie “Practical Magic.” She’s joining me to lend her slutty daddy expertise to this episode about season 2 of the Netflix series Shadow and Bone, based on the YA books by Leigh Bardugo. So much stuff happens over the course of this show that this recap episode couldn’t be anything other than chaotic. But this is one of those episodes where we forget we’re recording and it’s just two buds talking about some hot fantasy sh*t. Spoilers ahead!

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Our episode on “Practical Magic” with Sarah:

Our episode on season 1 of Shadow and Bone with Uppercase YA:

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