Stucky But Presidential: New Camelot Trilogy and Stucky Fanfic with Kate

Hi Smooches! On today’s episode, which was actually recorded a few weeks before our most recent episode, I sat down with my Internet friend Kate to talk about Sierra Simone’s New Camelot series through the lens of Stucky fanfiction. Stucky of course is the ship of Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes in the MCU. It’s less of a reach than you might think to compare that ship to Simone’s presidential, Arthurian BDSM throuple trilogy. Kate is a Stucky fanfiction expert who really jumped head first into this material, and she has a ton of Stucky recs mentioned in this episode and on her Tumblr, which we’ll link in the show notes.

And if you’re listening to this, my book is out! My debut romance “How That Makes You Feel” has been out in the world for one week. Thank you to everyone who has already bought a copy, everyone who has shared about it on social media, and everyone who has rated and reviewed on Goodreads. It’s on Amazon in ebook and paperback right now, and I will keep you all updated when it’s in wider distribution. But enough about me. Let’s go talk to Kate!

Where to find us






Liz’s book: “How That Makes You Feel” by Elle Diaz

Stuff we mentioned

Stucky recs start at about 1 hour and 20 minutes into the episode, after the trilogy recap

Kate’s Tumblr post of Stucky recs:

Anna Faris podcast episode with Jenny Slate and Chris Evans:

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