Fanfic 101: A Crash Course in the Wide, Smutty World of Fanfiction

Hi Smooches! We are happy to share that our newest cohost has entered the world! That’s right, our Queen Liz has welcomed her princess and is now sailing away on maternity leave, and Meg is beginning a solo expedition. Batten down the fucking hatches, smooches!

In this episode, my friend and colleague Teddy was kind enough to share their fanfiction expertise with me, an absolute fanfic newbie. We talk about basics of the genre and community, the writing process, popular ships and fandoms, and taboos, because hello it’s not an episode of Make Out Already unless we talk about the taboo.

Where to find us:






Stuff we mentioned:

Manacled, by Sen Lin Yu

Amazing fanart for Manacled, by Avendell

Twist and Shout, by Gabriel, Stand By Me

There’s a point in the episode where I’m totally wrong and say that Liz and Molly reviewed Morning Glory Milking Farm. They actually reviewed Girls Weekend by CM Nascosta:

But Heaving Bosoms did a great couple of episodes on MGMF!

Bonkers Romance episode on Sing Me to Sleep by RM Virtues:

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