Rom-Com When?! with Courtney Clark Michaels

Hi Smooches! On this episode, author Courtney Clark Michaels talks to us across many time zones about her “Pacific Passions” series. Then we all put our beautiful, smutty brains to work dreaming up rom com plots with pairings so good, we fully expect to get hired to write these screenplays. Netflix, you want to turn your situation around? We’ve got the ideas, you just have to book the actors! Call us!

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Stuff we mentioned:

Courtney Clark Michaels website

Pacific Passions series

Courtney Clark Michaels on Twitter–3sX3NTZfz3hfw

Courtney Clark Michaels on Instagram

Eve Dangerfield episode on Top 5 Weirdest Crushes

Article on Ben Barnes and Andrew Garfield

Tefi Pessoa on TikTok

Tefi’s “Dune” premiere look

“Unexpected” by Lori Foster

“Gifting Me to His Best Friend” by Katee Robert

“Pride” movie starring Andrew Scott

“Scenes from a Marriage” on HBO Max

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