She’ll Put A Spell on You: “The Love Witch” with Deanna

Hi beautiful, beautiful smooches. On this episode, Deanna and I recap the 2016 movie “The Love Witch” as we continue to celebrate spooky season. If you haven’t seen the film itself, you’ve probably seen tons of stills and clips from it. So buckle up in your retro getaway car and make sure your wig is secured, because this … sexy? … murderous romp through the occult is fucking wild. Spoilers ahead!

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Stuff we mentioned and stuff you might like after listening:

Mental illness is stigmatized in media, but there’s no shame in struggling and there are resources, no matter how often people with mental illness are portrayed as the villain. is a good place to start. And therapy is the most accessible it’s been, with many practices across the country continuing to offer remote counseling.

Cultish by Amanda Montell

Wordslut by Amanda Montell

Excellent source to learn about Wicca is Thorn Mooney, who has a YouTube channel

Traditional Wicca by Thorn Mooney

The Witch’s Path by Thorn Mooney

To learn more about occult history:

The Occult Book by John Michael Greer

The Black Arts by Richard Cavendish

Da’at Darling on YouTube

And other stuff:

The Wicker Man (original and the Nic Cage version)

Great video from The Financial Diet about the rise and fall of girlboss feminism

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