Better Than An All-Inclusive: “Girls Weekend” by CM Nascosta with Molly

Hi friends! You’re listening to Make Out Already, and today Molly guest hosts to help me recap “Girls Weekend” by CM Nascosta. I did not know going in that this would be Molly’s first proper romance novel, and I’m so grateful that she was willing to talk about horny orcs and part-fae fuckboys with me. We also talk about Eurocentric beauty standards, generational wealth, and whether Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are actually together. It’s all wilder than a trio of elf ladies looking for a good time. Spoilers ahead!

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Stuff we mentioned:

“Girls Weekend” by CM Nascosta:

“Morning Glory Milking Farm” by CM Nascosta:

Anya Taylor-Joy speaking Spanish and showing what’s in her bag:

Adam Driver’s bananapants Burberry ad:

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