Into the Kateeverse: Wicked Villains, Dark Olympus, and Ironically Timed Speculation

Hi friends! On this episode, we chat about Katee Robert’s “Wicked Villains” and “Dark Olympus” series and speculate about how the two connect. We mention how much we would love Katee Robert to write a short revealing some of these answers, and well — Katee Robert wrote a short revealing some of these answers! So please enjoy our oddly timed speculations, then head over to Katee Robert’s website, sign up for her newsletter, and read the mini arc to see what we got right and wrong. 

We have a few announcements. First, our next book will be “Begin Again Again” by Eve Dangerfield, so go pick that up so you’re ready for our spoiler recap. If you’re a fan of Katee Robert, then you’re probably a fan of one of her frequent audiobook narrators, Jenny Nordbak. Jenny has a new romance coming out September 28 — next Tuesday — called “His Leading Lady.” It pairs an A-list actor and an infamous dominatrix in a fake relationship. And this week is the launch of Jenny’s new podcast with our friend Melody from Heaving Bosoms. It’s called Bonkers Romance and it’s going to be amazing, so go subscribe right now!

And last but certainly not least: we have merch! Friend of the pod and of life Molly is the creative force behind our new merch. We have tees, mugs and stickers, including our “Where’s the Gay Shit?” and “I Do Have Some Grievances” designs. Use promo code AIRKISSES through the end of the month for free shipping. 

And now, major spoilers ahead. 

Stuff we mentioned:


Wicked Villains series:

“Neon Gods” on Spotify:

Evie Lupine on YouTube:

“Gifting Me To His Best Friend” from the A Touch of Taboo series:

“Forbidden Fling” by Kat Taylor:

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