The Ice Planet Barbarians Fan Cast that BookTok Deserves

Hi friends! You’re listening to Make Out Already. On this episode, we revisit Not-Hoth to talk about one of our favorite subjects — the big, beautiful blue men and intrepid human women who stole our hearts in Ruby Dixon’s Ice Planet Barbarians series. These books got us through the early days of quarantine last year. We’ve previously done episodes about them and some other works by Ms. Dixon, which we’ll link in the show notes. Recently, the youths on TikTok discovered the series and made it go viral, and it’s been dominating the bestseller list on Amazon. To welcome our new human friends into the rabid fandom that is IPB, we thought it would be fun to do some fan casting. Maybe we can manifest a screen adaptation, because it’s what we deserve. We do want to give general content warnings for the series: Sexual assault, dubious consent, kidnapping, human trafficking, graphic violence, child loss and infertility. The first book in particular gets pretty rough. So please proceed with caution and know that you can jump in anywhere in the series. Spoilers ahead!

Our previous Ruby Dixon episodes: Stop Worrying & Love the Spur (series overview):

Barbarian’s Drinking Game:

Deep In the Dixonhole: “When She Purrs” with Melody from Heaving Bosoms (this is about Ruby Dixon’s Risdaverse series):

Our recap of About Time as guests on Heaving Bosoms:

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