From Simu to Simulation Theory: “Shang-Chi” and “Free Guy”

Hi Smooches! On this short and sweet episode, we’re chatting about our triumphant, fully vaxxed and masked return to the theater. We spend most of the episode talking about the masterpiece that is “Shang-Chi.” We try to keep any spoilers mild as we swoon about the cast, the clothes and the visuals, but honestly, just go see the movie and come back! We also rant about how much Disney sucks, and clumsily unpack the controversy around one of the film’s stars. Then we move on to chatting about “Free Guy,” the friends to lovers trope, and simulation theory.

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Stuff we mentioned:

Read about Scarlett Johansson’s lawsuit against Disney, and Disney’s super gross and misogynistic rebuttal:

“I Made A $127 Boba For Simu Liu From Marvel’s Shang-Chi • Dish Granted”

One article about the controversy around Awkwafina:

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