Descending to the Throne: “Neon Gods” by Katee Robert

Hi friends! On this episode of Make Out Already, we’re descending into the Underworld and sliding right into daddy Hades’s lap. We’re recapping “Neon Gods” by Katee Robert, the first in the Dark Olympus series of spicy, contemporary retellings of Greek myths. We talk a little about Robert’s Wicked Villains series, which is in the same universe as Dark Olympus, and her taboo series. I also bring in a little of my mythology knowledge and recommend another descent myth you should check out, and Meg shares some mythology book recs and a tarot deck we’re keeping an eye out for. Quick note that my audio sounds a little different because I did not plug my headset into my computer. It’s not too distracting, but you might notice the difference. Now let’s get into this exhibitionist dark romance. Spoilers ahead!

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Stuff we mentioned:

“A Worthy Opponent” by Katee Robert

“The Sea Witch” by Katee Robert

“Learn My Lesson” by Katee Robert

“Forbidden Fling” by Kat Taylor (Katee Robert pseudonym)

“My Dad’s Best Friend” by Katee Robert

“The Rose” by Tiffany Reisz

“Circe” by Madeline Miller

“The Orphic Hymns: A New Translation for the Occult Practitioner” by Patrick Dunn

Myth of Inanna’s descent:

Our Shadow and Bone episode:

The Earthly Delight Tarot

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