Raiders of the Hopeless Simps: “Hidden Sins” by Selena Montgomery with Deanna

Hi friends! Liz here. On this episode, I’m joined by Deanna, who you should remember from our Midsommar episode. We’re reviewing Hidden Sins by Selena Montgomery, the nom de plume of the future president of the galaxy, Stacey Abrams. Full disclosure — we thought this one was OK.

We roast the total simp of a hero while hypocritically simping over Cap and Bucky, and question whether the con artist heroine is actually any good as a con artist.

Deanna reveals she is armed with quilting weapons should you try to kidnap her, and we bemoan the unappreciative youths in our friend group who don’t watch most of the TikToks we send them.

For the TikTok Bucky fan fiction series, follow @serenaivory. Part one is here:

True Heart Intuitive Tarot Deck:

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