Deep in the Dixonhole: “When She Purrs” with Melody from Heaving Bosoms!

Hi Smooches! On this episode, Melody from “Heaving Bosoms” is back to squee about “When She Purrs” by Ruby Dixon. We talk about courtship steps that should come before marking your territory on someone’s front door; simp for chaotic bisexual blue alien bounty hunters; and recap the cat-man-alien equivalent of “call your doctor if your erection lasts more than four hours.”

It’s a lot, and it’s all wonderful. Meow.

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Stuff we mentioned:

Find Melody everywhere!

“E-Girls Are Ruining My Life” by CORPSE:

Satisfyer Pro 2:

Baci toy:

Argentinian empanada recipe:

Ham croqueta recipe:

Neon Moon Tarot by Pixel Occult: and on Etsy:

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