Stop Worrying & Love the Spur: Ice Planet Barbarians by Ruby Dixon


Hi friends! On this episode, we get the hell out of Dodge and land on Not-Hoth. That’s right, we are talking about Ruby Dixon’s bonkers and beautiful Ice Planet Barbarians series. Whether you’ve never heard of the series or you’re totally obsessed with the blue barbarians, this episode is going to get you khui-ready.

To see Ruby Dixon’s incredibly long list of books, go to

Liz first heard of this series on the Heaving Bosoms podcast, and we highly recommend checking it out.

If you want a deep dive into each book, make sure you check out the Ice Planet Podcast.

No potatoes? No problem. Get your stew on with some Dominican sancocho. Use dvisti if you’ve got it: Sancocho Recipe and Video (The Deluxe Dominican Stew)

Meg came up with an amazing sah-sah recipe that will make you not even mind all the resonance noise in a nearby cave:

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