It’s Not the ’Rona: Girl Gone Viral by Alisha Rai


On this episode of Make Out Already, we savor the delectable peach that is Girl Gone Viral by Alisha Rai (long may she reign). We take a deep dive into some armchair psychology on the heroine and hero of this book, make a few predictions for the third book in the Modern Love series… and wonder if maybe we’re too horny for this rather modest pairing. For the luscious peach torte Meg made in honor of this book, follow the NYT Cooking recipe for a purple plum torte, but with ripe peaches instead: Liz recommends Rai’s YouTube channel, Quarantine Cuisine: If you’re interested in getting into sourdough (though maybe not to the same extent Katrina is), check out Josh Weissman on YouTube at or @artisanbryan on IG! As always, make sure to follow us on Instagram @makeoutalreadypod and on Twitter @makeout_already. Have a book recommendation for us? Slide into our DMs, or email us at Until next time, air kisses!