An Ode to Alisha Rai, Long May She Reign


On this episode of Make Out Already, we swear fealty to our queen Alisha Rai and highlight her books that we’ve read, in anticipation of our Girl Gone Viral discussion. We discuss the Forbidden Hearts series, the Modern Love series, and one of her earlier titles, A Gentleman in the Street.

We look at the picante factor of her different series and talk about the themes that resonate with us in Rai’s writing. Meg makes a strong case that she should be hired to write all back cover copy, and Liz makes a hella problematic case for why Gone Girl is a romance (she said what she said).

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Books we mention:

Hate to Want You

Wrong to Need You

Hurts to Love You

The Right Swipe

Girl Gone Viral

A Gentleman in the Street